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Katie & Jane

Hello! We’re Jane & Katie. Two sisters, living the Bay Area, ready to share our lives with you! You can find out more about us here, but this is us in a nutshell:

Jane: The 30-something younger sister living in San Francisco.
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Jane & Pineapple

Katie: The 30-something older sister (& mom of little miss Hayden) living in Marin.

Katie & Hayden

We both love eating & cooking real food, staying active, being a mom/aunt, traveling, and exploring Northern California! We are both wine & green juice enthusiasts (equally), dog lovers (especially of Katie’s two Frenchies!), and believe in a balanced approach to living a healthy life, (which brings us back to the wine. Who needs a glass?) We thought it’d be fun to start a blog to share our different, yet similar lives, by sharing recipes, workouts, reviews, you name it.