Day in the Life

Hi there! I thought it would be fun to document a full “day in the life” type post and share with you all. I always enjoy reading other blogs that have this feature now and again, so I thought some of you may enjoy it too. Currently, I’m a full time stay at home mom and while there is a lot of routine in our day, our activities and outings change a lot. So take a peek at what this past Tuesday looked like for us.

Hayden woke up with wild hair today, which you will see throughout my pictures today. It’s pretty funny.

I woke up around 6:30am to let the pups out and grab a cup of coffee before Hayden woke up. I try to get up before her so I can get at least  a few sips of coffee in before she’s up for the day.  She ended  up waking up about 7, we cuddled and she and I hung out on the couch for a minute while she drank her milk and I continued to drink my cup of jo’. We read some books and headed outside to play in her new water table that I picked up from Costco over the weekend and to do a little watering.

Then, we headed in for some breakfast. Hayden is 17 months old now and can be a great eater sometimes and super picky at others. I know, I know, she’s a toddler, but it can be super frustrating at times. Today, she didn’t eat much of what I served her but it included, sliced pear (which she did eat all of), scrambled eggs, buttered toast, and a few bites of Siggis 9% yogurt.

We both got dressed and got packed up for our morning outing. The weather has been crazy hot here in the Bay Area this week, so my friend, Lauren, and I decided to head to the beach. We headed over to Shoonmaker Beach in Sausalito. It’s a small beach that’s perfect for little kiddos who are just getting used to the water. We set up our beach tent and chairs, applied tons of sunscreen on our babies and had some fun down by the shore. We’d pop back up to the shady tent and eat some snacks and we repeated that sequence a few times. Just before noon, we decided to quit while we were ahead and pack up and head home for nap time.

The whole drive home I kept peeking back at Hayden to make sure she wasn’t falling asleep. We dropped Lauren and her daughter off at home and literally on the 5 minute drive from her house to mine, Hayden passed out cold. I was pulling out all my tricks to try and keep her awake but she wasn’t having it. I tried not to worry too much, I figured she’d wake up and we’d eat some more lunch and then hopefully, she’d be ready for her nap. Anyways, she really was out cold because I took her out of her car seat and she wouldn’t wake up. So, I ended up just laying her in her crib, closing her curtains, and turning on her sound machine. This has never happened before. She ended up sleeping over 2 hours, so I’ll call that a win. I guess the beach really wore her out!

Hayden’s nap time usually means lunch time for me. So, I whipped together a quick chopped salad that has quickly become an easy favorite this week.

Arugula salad with shredded rotisserie chicken, baby rainbow carrots, cucumber, avocado, crumbled gorganzola tossed with red wine vinegar and evoo.

After I finished eating my salad, I cleaned up the kitchen from our breakfast earlier and my lunch dishes. It was so hot outside, but I really wanted to set up a new toy we got for Hayden. All she’s wanted to do lately is either climb on everything inside the house or be outside playing, so we decided to combine the two and get a new climbing structure/slide for our backyard. I assembled it during her nap and she was a very happy girl when she got up and realized it was in the backyard. I was also pretty proud of myself for putting it together all by myself!

We played outside for awhile on her new slide, splashed in the water table, ate watermelon, and explored in the backyard until Travis got home. When it was dinner time for Hayden, she had some rotisserie chicken, a few bites of a quinoa veggie burger patty, some cheese and avocado. Not my best meal for her but sometimes you just make do. Travis usually does bath/bed time so while he was doing all that I started making our dinner. Tonight’s dinner was a One Potato meal of chicken skewers, rice pilaf with veggies, and greek salad. It was pretty tasty!

Before dinner, I hopped in the shower (finally!). I was so hot and sweaty from the beach and playing outside with Hayden in 90 degree weather. Let’s just say it was necessary. We ate dinner and relaxed on the couch a bit to watch The Americans, which I have to say is a little slow this season. It it just me or do any other fellow watchers agree with me?? Anyways, afterwards,  I cleaned up the kitchen and then we called it a night. This was a very busy, outdoorsy Tuesday for us, but in the best possible way! It really has me looking forward to lots more fun that the warmer weather has to offer. I hope you all are enjoying your week!


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